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Ephesians 4:29

¿Para que es esto?¿Por si no entiendo lo que yo misma he escrito?

8 September 1982
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I don't like talking about myself. I like others talking about me. Good things, preferably. Better yet, I like others talking with me articulately about God, excellent books, and fascinating things that I don't know about and that you can tell me about. I want to keep this journal as a tool to keep my ideas flowing. I don't want to afflict anyone with anecdotes about my trip to the frozen food aisle or my every emotional hiccup, so I'll try to keep my postings semi-abstract, thoughtful reflections and hope to get thoughtful responses(you know, not just "Yah, totally!" as a rule)in return. Also, I absolutely love a well-executed debate! So if the opportunity ever arises to completely squash me (figuratively speaking, of course), feel free. Perhaps it's the middle child in me, but being addressed in a challenging tone is never unwelcome! As for the personal stuff, I like my job, but its nothing to brag about. I like my living situation, but its creepy to give particulars here. I am a Christian and am eager to elaborate, but I'd rather not waste my breath on the disinterested. All in all, I feel pretty content with my life, but I have a nagging feeling that it may result from not knowing what I want...