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Pleasant, and beyond

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Aug. 28th, 2007 | 08:07 pm

A great song is playing and I just got tidy after my third successful run this week! Hooray. My hilarious ex-boss called today to update me on her personal life, which was pleasant, since she is such a jolly sort of person. And I watched Whale Rider earlier today. It was rather nice, the idea of someone unlikely wanting and deserving a job that no one else wants or is fit for. I find that whenever I come across someone who is particularly fit for a task, it conjures vague ideas of Jesus Christ. Not in a creepy, blasphemous sort of way, but just as a way of understanding what it means that He was completely unique in His fittedness for the task set before Him. I got this feeling from watching Children of Men and from lots of books I've read, most obviously from Bros. Karamazov and Sir Gibbie.
I also watched Paradise Now yesterday afternoon. Man, but that was sad! And not the satisfying sort of sad that makes me weep. Nope, this was the opposite of the messianic undertones of those other books and movies, a pity, squandered beauty and potential, all for a sort of counterfeit purpose. But I liked the movie itself. It explains why a certain sort of despair would bloom into an embracing of that same old oblivion that haunts so many lives. It's that nihilism that seems to skulk in the corner of the mind to scavenge. I recently saw a familiar image of an emaciated African infant crouching with his head on the floor, while a vulture sits a stone's throw away, waiting to move in. It is horrendous beyond words, but it captures a reality that is hard to imagine on a la-dee-dah day like today. We aren't the lords and ladies of creation that we fancy ourselves. Perhaps that was the idea once, and perhaps one day that will be restored and then some. But today we are unfathomably feeble, with a mere breath between us and that oblivion. I just read a blog on the South Korean hostages. The author was questioning whether dealing with terrorists was the best course of action...Its funny that we can get stuck in that sort of thinking. I know that my reaction is to pick up a shotgun and blow away every vulture in sight, but its quite a stupid one. Suffering is certainly our birthright as children of God, and as the followers of Christ. But it is baffling to watch others suffer, if we fail to make the connection to that ultimate enemy, and conversely, that ultimate advocate. I still forget, and my metaphorical shotgun is all too cocked and ready to rip things to shreds, I'm afraid. But slowly, slowly, the mud on my eyes cracks a bit, and lets the teeniest bit of light stream in now and again, thank God.

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