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a running fix

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Aug. 26th, 2007 | 07:20 pm

I just got back from a marvelous little run. I had a headache and decided to work it off, so I took off at a rather ambitious pace up El Camino, doubting if I could keep it up very long. So I was rather pleased when I made my usual circuit with little huffing and puffing and NO lung discomfort. That little drizzle earlier today must have sweetened our usually murky air. Anyhow, that must have been one of the fastest jaunts I've been on, aside from the horrible first Turkey Trot and the recent teen team fiasco.
Yesterday's little shindig was rather pleasant, if smaller than anticipated. After all, whenever an event is AT HOME I rather expect it to be comfortable and cheery than exciting. Although one of the cousins DID show up in a catwoman-like outfit, heehee.
Well, now both sisters have gone, but I can't be sad because the bedrooms are so clean that they make me feel a bit of a glow of satisfaction. Thanks, Mo, for the cleaning coaching! Maybe you could make thousands being a life coach, whatever that is...

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