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guitar lessons

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Oct. 30th, 2006 | 10:08 pm

S,o I've picked up the guitar again these past couple of days. As it happens, learning guitar is much more productive when there is an actual piece I want to get through, rather than a few scraps of familiar music that I just dabble in now and again. I actually have a nice time of it, picking away for a good chunk of time. My fingers are rather sore, since I've finally begun using the lower three strings, which aren't nylon. I'm rather glad, and don't feel quite so much like a dabbler when my fingers actually hurt long after I've stopped playing. I'm not a dabbler anymore! Ugh! So much of my life is spent in fear of being a mere dabbler in everything: playing guitar, teaching, writing, LIVING! Perhaps I should just admit that I am inherently a dweller in the shallows. There's that line from a Caedman's Call song: "The Truth is a river where the strong can swim in deep, and the weak and the broken can walk across so easily..." Perhaps I am weak after all, and should just get over it and scoot across to safety, instead of gazing, Ophelia-like, into the depths that I don't really want and can't really understand. It is rather a humiliating prospect, but then, after all, when has humility ever done me harm?

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